• sensor networks
    for your infrastructure


The features of dcms system

easy to install

Non-invasive and easy installation makes that the dcms system can be installed in already running objects without the need to perform any additional investment in existing infrastructure and the implementation has been reduced to a minimum


The dcms system is designed to grow with infrastructure of server room or data center. Adding the next devices to system is uninterruptible and requires no additional configuration.


The dcms system reports any irregularities and deviations from the norm. These incidents are communicated to the user using the notification system. The system supports various types of notifications, e.g.: email, SNMP, SMS.


The dcms system can be easily integrated with other systems. Measurements and events can be exported (accessed offline) or be accessed online using i.a. SNMP protocol.

proactive monitoring

The dashboard allows you to configure the system, easy access to the collected data, visualization of data using charts and maps and fast access to the logs.

optimize cost

The dcms system dashboard allows to analysis historical data and thus provides the ability to analyze trends and correlations between readings.

prevent outages

84% of the IT infrastructure managers don’t think about possibility of failure, while 91% of them experienced an unplanned interruption within last 24 months.

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optimize cost

Monitoring of environment not only allows you to reduce maintenance costs of failure but also enables the optimization of the cost of maintaining the entire infrastructure.

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The information obtained using DCMS system about the characteristics of the micro climate inside of our server room enabled for more accurate calibration of the air conditioning system.

P.Baranowski, Ph.D., Deputy Director of the Computer Center, University of Zielona Góra

Ease of installation allowed us to implement the DCMS system in a few hours. After a few days we had the first information for optimizing the deployment of IT equipment in our server room.

Michał Wyszkowski, Manager of IT infrastructure, Sygnity S.A.